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The F&B STAR Report is a vital revenue management tool for the global hotel industry. The report is a monthly deliverable that benchmarks your hotel's food and beverage operations against its competitive aggregate and local market. 


  • Available for data providers only
  • Annual subscription
  • Shows your property’s F&B performance compared to the aggregated performance of your chosen competitive set
  • Ability to select additional comp sets
  • Displays KPIs related to Catering & Banquets, F&B Venues and In-Room Dining
  • Includes year-on-year percentage change and index
  • Individual proprietary data is never shared 

The F&B STAR Report is delivered in Excel format directly to your inbox.

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F&B Survey

Our F&B survey is a simple way of monitoring hotel and market food and beverage performance. It includes monthly reporting on:

  • Catering & Banquets revenue per square foot (or meter) 
  • Venue revenue per available seat 
  • In-Room Dining revenue per occupied room 
  • Total F&B revenue per occupied room


  • Benchmarks your property against your local market
  • Provides 18 months of historical data, including year-over-year comparisons and 3/12 month rolling averages 
  • Ensures data integrity and confidentiality
  • Monthly report in Excel format
  • Complimentary 

Click to view F&B STAR Survey Sample